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Life in the New Nation

Chapter 7

1 2
3 4                               5      
6                       7    
9 10                              
11 12            
14                           15        

4.event that started attracting settlers West
6.religious sub-group
10.road built at the Cumberland Gap
13.Spain agreed to give up or cede Florida to the U.S.
14.vast area between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountians
15.give up
16.the main route across the Great Plains the the Rocky Mountians
17.a legend who helped cut through the Cumberland Gap
1.hardy trappers who lived like Native Americans in the wilderness
2.Evangelical religious movement
3.people who migrate instead of living permanently in one place
5.virtues needed by the American people to govern themseleves in the new republic
7.movement of people from place to place or even in society
8.obvious or undeniable fate
9.area West of the Appalachian Mountians
11.members of a church
12.abandoned mining towns

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