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1960's Protest and Change

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9                                     10  
        11 12          

9.upheld the right by Mexican-Americans to be tried by juries which did not exclude members of their class
14.segration of Mexican-American children inschools was illegal
17.African-Americans who would use elections to win government concessions, control their own communities and businesses to free themselves from White domination
18.1962; first American to orbit the Earth
19.Mexican-American labor leader
20.leader of Chican movement who organized farm worders in California and encouraged the grape boycott
21.wrote "The Feminine Mystique"; helped form NOW (National Organization of Women) the voice of the women's movement; challenged the belief that women wanted to be homemakers
1.Mexican-American expression of appreciation of culture
2.Johnson's plan to create opportunities and improve quality of life: includes Civil Rights, War on Poverty, Aid to Cities, Medicare Act of 1965
3.1964 republican presidential candidate defeated by Johnson
4.challenged school funding
5.Cuban exiles trained to overthrow Castro; defeated by Cuban military
6."Youth Culture"; associated with Beatles and hippies
7.took office after Kennedy assasination; formed "Great Society" which failed due to money problems; beat Goldwater in presidential election; involved with Vietnam War
8."Red Power"; occupied Alcatraz Island/Wounded Knee, SD to seek greater sensitivity of Indian culture
10.build up of missiles in Cuba after Bay of Pigs
11.leader of Chicano movement; first Mexican-American to serve on US Commission on Civil Rights
12.ruled that Mexican-Americans, though not a separate race, were still entitled as a class to protection under the 14th amendment
13.group of African-American activists; militants for Black rights
15.youngest president; created Peace Corps; assasinated; involved with space race, Bay of Pigs Invasion, Alliance for Progress, Cuban Missile Crisis, escalation of Cold War, building of Berlin Wall
16.Part of 1972 Educational Amendments Act; banned sex discrimination in educational institutions including participation in sports

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