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Internet Communication

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5.where users can download music, videos and digital media to a computer or other portable electronics, its also a broadcast of radios and tv.
10.a person can communicate with others, typing on mobile phones.
11.online journal or diary, sharing your feelings and thoughts over the internet.
12.a website that gives information that users of the internet can see and edit.
13.practice of using tags to categorize online information.
1.a group being able to show a larger amount of intelligence by solving problems and talking to other members.
2.a program that allows web applications to communicate with users just like desktop applications can do.
3.group of technologies for the delivery of voice communication.
4.where users can type and see messages quickly from other people through the computer.
6.helps to solve problems when work is done by one person, the work is expanded to a large group to go over the data.
7.allows users to see when the web content is updated, and they can view new headlines and blogs.
8.twitter, facebook, instagram, myspace
9.a web page that combines content from other websites to make new applications.

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