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Global Environmental Issues



1 2 3 4 5
6   7                  
11   12    
14               15                  
  16                   17        
    18 19                  
21   22                       23

7.This continent is the furthest South
8.These are used to provide our needs
10.Not having enough food
13.A major threat to the health of the planet (2 Words)
14.A word used to describe land which has become less productive
15.When a plant or animal species dies out completely
16.A word to describe the people who live in a town, city country or world
17.The planet upon which we live
19.When people are dying from hunger
22.Concerned with the study of population
24.The world's biggest desert is found on this continent
25.One of the continents
26.A word used to describe people who have everything they need and more, especially money
1.Most of the planet is covered by these
2.The wealthiest country in the world (4 Words)
3.The environment where animals live
4.This can make us very sick
5.When large numbers of people in an area are malnourished
6.A word to describe the world's poorer countries
9.The world around us
11.These are used to convert the wind to energy (2 Words)
12.The continent where most of the world's people live
16.This can spoil our air and water
18.An energy source which will not run out
20.Energy from the sun
21.necessary for life
23.Another name for twons and cities

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