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Dolphins and Porpoises

Sara Picariello

1 2
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3.Mothers have ____ baby at a time, twins are very rare
4.Dolphins can see very well ______ ____ the water
8.A Dolphin's _____ is large and complex
10.Dolphins have a __________ on the top of their head
11.Dolphins and Porpoises ar not fish, they are _______
14.Captive Bottle-nose dolphins enjoy the ________ of humans
15.________ species tend to travel in very large herds
17.Dolphins have a long, thin _____
18.Dolphins and Porpoises breathe ____
19.____________ specieslive in small groups, or alone
1.Dolphins are shaped like a ________ which helps them glide smoothly through the water
2.Dolphins like to play in the ____, riding waves just like human surfers
5.Dolphins have two finlike _____ that make up a special tail
6.Dolphins have a thick layer of ______ under their skin
7.Baby dolphins are called _______
9.Dolphins have a _______ ____ along their back
12.Dolphins like to feast on ________
13.The upper front surface of a Dolphin's scull is shaped like a _____
16.Amazon River dolphins have ______ on their beaks unlike other Dolphins
17.Dolphins have ________ foreheads

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