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Activity: "Knowledge Acquisition"

Daniel Maldonado & Luis Rojas Group: 208

Puzzle of the Human body

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1.System that breaks down the food and absorbs nutrients
4.System that helps the body protecting from diseases
6.A group of cells that perform a single function
9.Sytem that is on skin, hair, nails,sweat and oil glands
10.A group of organs that perform closely related functions
13.An amount of 1000 calories
15.Chemical energy from the food when is broken down
16.System that is on hearth, blood vessels and blood
18.Is the basic unit of structure and function in living things
19.One of the fastest-growing health problems as a result of the failure of homeostasis in sugar levels
21.Describes the relatively constant physical and chemical conditions that organisms maintain despite changes in internal and external environments
22.Most important nutrient
23.Is the process in which stimulus produces a response that opposes the original stimulus.
24.System that supports the body, protects organs and contains cells that produce blood cells
25.A group of different types of tissues that work together to perform a single function or several related functions
2.A tissue that has the function of protection, absortion and excretion of materials
3.A tissue that has the function of the voluntary and involuntary movements
5.A tissue that has the function of receiving and transmitting impulses
7.Include cells, tissues, organs, and organs systems
8.Produces chemicals that signal cells throughout thebody to speed up their activities
11.Is the amountof heat needed to raise the temperatur of 1 gram of water by 1 degree Celsius
12.System that brings oxygen needed for cellular respiration
14.Your body needs them to build and repair tissues
17.A tissue that os under the skin, surrounding organs, blood, bones
20.Produces bile, converts ammonia into urea and regulates sugar levels

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