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Intro to Nervous System

Mrs. VH

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2.the PNS consists mostly of these
6.these fibers travel from the skin, joints, and skeletal muscles
8.another name for the RER
9.armlike extensions from the cell body
10.part of the NS responsible for "fight or flight"
12.a second way the NS can communicate
14.the autonomic NS carries impulses from CNS to smooth and cardiac muscles, so it is called...
15.a bundle of neurons in the CNS
17.neurons can live this long
18.number of cranial nerves
21.cells are tightly packed so there is very little room for ____ space
25.the PNS has this many functional divisions
26.the cell body is also known as this
28.second organ of the CNS
29.one of the organs of the CNS
30.one of the requirements of neurons
33.they are acted on by the motor response
34.these fibers travel from your bladder, stomach, and intestines
35.the neuroglial cell that produces the myelin sheath in CNS
36.word meaning cells can divide
37.supporting cells
38.this control center is found in the cell body
1.word meaning cells can not divide
3.the neuroglial cell that circulates CSF
4.one way the NS can communicate
5.the neuroglial cell that anchors neurons to the blood capillaries
7.this division of the PNS carries impulses to the CNS
10.the neuroglial cell that surrounds cell bodies in the PNS
11.body cavity of the brain and SC
13.deciding what should be done based on the sensory input
16.number of spinal nerves
19.part of the NS in control during times of rest and vegetation
20.the information gathered the NS as it monitors what goes on inside and outside of our body
22.the somatic NS carries impulse from CNS to skeletal muscles, so it is called ...
23.this division of the PNS carries impulses from the CNS
24.motor responses can be based on this
27.the neuroglial cell that acts as a macrophage
28.the neuroglial cell that forms myelin sheaths in the PNS
31.excitable cells
32.another requirement of neurons

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