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New Treasure Lesson 10 Crossword 2

John Uchikura

English hints and some completion of sentences using the key words.

3   4     5       6  
  7       8
9   10                            
14         15           16      
17         18              

3.People go here in the summer to swim.
5.Myanmar and Burma are the ____ country.
9.Your first day at school.
12.My friends and I ____ at Disneyland last Sunday.
14.I'm going to ____ this red dress to the party.
15.Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man to ____ Mt. Everest.
16.The red leaves ____ from the tree.
17.We went ____ the house because it started to rain.
18.Mount Fuji is the tallest ____ in Japan.
19.I ____ my train because I woke up late.
20.Please ____ my appointment. I am sick today.
21.= two times
1.You went to Shimizu Park last year.
2.A warm holiday
4.Two students were ____ because they were sick.
6.We are going to ____ Becky's birthday tomorrow.
7.Third year junior high school students go to Okinawa for this.
8.I want to study art in ____ after high school.
10.I am going to do my homework ____ after dinner.
11.That is a very ____ dress! I like it.
12.I got 100% on the test and my teacher wrote, "____ job!"
13.a machine that flies in the air
16.This country is famous for its wine and cheese.

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