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Group 3A

Kory Hussey

This puzzle has properties, uses of Indium, recycling aluminum, manufacturing aluminum, anodized aluminum

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3.a common ore of aluminum
4.The main goal of being _______ is to protect the aluminum from corrosion by coating it with aluminum oxide
7.the process of mixing aluminum oxide with cryolite produced a mixture that melted at a much lower temperature than 1012 degrees Celsius
8.type of aluminum that gets compressed before being shipped to aluminum companies for recycling (2 Words)
9.a durable good that aluminum can be found in
11.used to unload bauxite from a train (2 Words)
13.type of aluminum that is shredded, crushed, and heated to remove material other than the aluminum itself (2 Words)
16.a layer that is thin, hard, and dense that contains tiny pores, which can absorb an organic dye (2 Words)
18.Aluminum is the most abundant metal on ______ ______ (2 Words)
19.a soft metal with a low melting point
20.an element that has an extremely wide liquid temperature range.
1.discovered in 1861 by Sir William Crookes
2.The only metalloid in Group 3A
5.flows through a cell to form aluminum oxide on the surface of the aluminum (2 Words)
6.a type of aluminum that has many uses, like replacing parts on a car (2 Words)
10.used as an anode that are consumed during the process (2 Words)
12.a dilute acid
14.The ______ point of boron is 2300
15.something used to dissolve bauxite
17.A valuable structural material due to its strength.

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