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Surviving Winter in Canada

Team 1

Blizzard, Thermometer, Wind chill, Turtleneck, Frostbite, Insoles, Snowfall, Waterproof, Forecast, Undershirt, Fleece, Virus, Symptom, Pedestrian, Thermal

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1.a change in the body that indicates that a disease is presen
3.a warm long-sleeved shirt or sweater with a high turnover collar that covers the neck
6.resistant to water or the ability to stay dry when in contact with water
7.a soft knitted or woven fabric used to make warm clothes
8.a snowstorm with high winds that is difficult to see in
11.a person walking along a sidewalk or road
12.happens when exposed to extremely cold temperatures, partial freezing of exposed parts of the body
13.a small living thing that causes a disease and that spreads from one person or animal to another
14.put inside a shoe, at the bottom, to help generate warmth or for comfort
2.an instrument that detects temperature
4.related to heat
5.the action of a cold white substance falling to the ground
6.the temperature outside including the chilling effects of the wind
9.a piece of clothing worn underneath a shirt to keep warm
10.a prediction or estimation of future events (usually of upcoming weather conditions)

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