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Equation of a Line

Name: ___________________________

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1.unlike terms cannot be _____ or _____
4.the point where line crosses the y axis
9.find answer to a variable
11.number right next to a variable
14.unlike terms can be ____ or _____
19.given 1 point, equation of a line can be found (yes or no)
21.3x - 2x = ?
22.the bottom part of fraction
24.the point (x,y) that works for 2 lines simulaneously is
25.the top part of fraction
27.make the variable by itself on one side of equation
28.for y = mx + b, the "b" is ?
31.the point where line crosses the x axis
32."y=mx + b" is called ____ form of equation
34.a slope = infinity looks like
35.given slope and 1 point, equation of a line can be found (yes or no)
36.m = (y2 - y1) / (x2 - x1) is the equation for finding
2.In 2y = 4x + 8, the slope is
3.the point where 2 straight lines cross is
5.In y + 2 = x, the y-intercept is
6.same on left side and right side
7.numbers or variables with equal sign
8.numbers or variables separated by + or - or = sign
9.for y = mx + b, the number right next to x is
10.In -2y = x + 4, the slop is
12.to find b, with slope & 1 point given, just ____ that point in y=mx+b
13.x=1 on graph looks like
15.terms that are the same kind
16.In y + x = 2, the slop is:
17.a slope = 0 likes like
18.y=1 on graph looks like
20.any point on a line is a
23.when line is going downhill (left to right), slope is
26.to find y=mx+b, with 2 points given, find ____ then plug in one point.
29.3x - 2 = ? can or cannot ?
30.how slanted is the straight line is called
33.given 2 points, equation of a line can be found (yes or no)

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