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The Senses

Crystal Castleman

This crossword puzzle contains vocabulary words associated with the 5 senses

1 2 3
5                     6      
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15                         16
17             18    

4.pertaining to the sense of taste
5.receptor responsible for the sense of hearing and equilibrium
9.ability of the nervous system to become less responsive to a sustained stimulus
11.system of the brain that connects a smell to an emotion
12.transparent cover over the window of the eye
13.eustachian tube
15.pain that feels as if it is originating from a part other than the site being stimulated
17.outer, funnel-like structure of the ear
19.contains photoreceptors
20.organs of taste
1.bipolar neurons stimulated by ordorant molecules
2.stimulated by changes in temperature
3.produces tears
6.process in which the brain projects the sensation back to its apparent source
7.lines the eyelids
8.stimulated by changes in chemical concentrations
10.adjustment of the lens of the eye for close or distant vission
14.tympanic membrane
16.the only sensation perceived from internal organ
18.photoreceptor that is functional in bright light only

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