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Cranial Nerves

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3.Which part of the auditory nerve controls hearing acuity?
5.Which part of the auditory nerve controls balance
6.Vision and blink reflex
7.Motor control of the sternocleidomastoid (head rotation) and shrugging shoulders
8.pupil constriction, Look up and down, raise eyelids
9.facial expression, smiling and frowning, Taste for anterior 2/3 of tongue
10.Motor arm of the gag reflex; Motor to soft palate and pharynx; parasympathetic fivers to heart, lungs, GI tract
12.When testing the Hypoglossal nerve, Miley sticks out her tongue, if weak it will ___________ toward the ________ side. (2 Words)
14.involuntary rapid eyemovements usually side to side ( may be up and down or roatational), Often seen in the heavily inebriated
16.When doing the Weber test for the auditory nerve, sound lateralizes to the _______ ear with __________ defects. (2 Words)
19.hearing and balance
1.When testing the Vagus nerve by saying "Ahhh" nerve weakness will cause the __________ to deviate away from the _________ side. (2 Words)
2.Sense arm of the gag reflex, sensation in the posterior pharynx (soft palate), taste on posterior 1/3 of tongue
4.motor control of the tongue
11.facial sensation and scalp (sensory), enervates chewing (motor), allow you to feel that toothache
13.adduction of the eyes, looking down your nose
15.abduction of the eyes; lateral gaze
17.Controls the sense of smell, input directly to the Limbit system
18.Sound will lateralize to the good ear with ________ defects during the Weber test of the Auditory nerve

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