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Western Civilization I

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    32   33                

1.Formation of tightly massed soldiers
5.Zeno's philosophy on achieving inner peace
7.Name used for Greek city-states
10.'Land between the rivers'
11.Massive stepped tower with a temple
12.'Old Stone Age'
14.Stonehenge is one example of this
15.Literally means to imitate the Greeks
16.Scattering of Jews throughout ancient world
18.Eat, drink, & be merry
20.Wandering scholars and professional teachers in ancient Greece
22.Great landowners in the Roman republic
23.1st five books of the Hebrew Bible
25.Combining of different forms of belief or practice
27.Governor with military & civil duties
29.'Wedge-shaped'; considered oldest writing system
31.His republic favored philosopher kings
33.Group responsible for administration of Roman law
34.Executed for corrupting the youth of Athens
35.'Right to rule'
36.Two leaders of Roman religion and military
2.State-owned serfs in Sparta
3.Small group of families from plebeian and patrician origins
4.Pictorial system of writing in Egypt
6.Ruler who seizes power outside the parameters of the law
8.Temporary job used in the Roman republic in times of emergency
9.Large numbers of humans sharing a variety of common elements
12.Family setting where husband/father dominates
13.Place of secondary education in Hellenistic Age
15.Heavily armed Greek infantry soldiers
17.Rule by a few
19.One god
21.Government ruled by divine authority
23.Belief in multiple deities
24.Age where farming supplants hunting/gathering as means of survival
26.Considered to be the 'father' of the Jews
27.Method of teaching that employs question-answer format
28.Served as the voice of God and the conscience of Jewish society
30.Art of persuasive speaking
32.Name that many Roman emperors would take in addition to their given names

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