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1 2   3         4
6 7                    
8           9 10        
      11       12
15               16  
  17         18  
20                   21              
22 23       24           25    
26               27        
29         30             31        
  32       33
34 35       36            
37                 38        

2.A year between leaving school and starting university.
7.Students who don't live at home often live in a hall of...
8.An occupation or profession, especially one requiring special training, followed as one's lifework.
10.In full name university.
11.A situation or meeting in wich people can talk about a problem or matter especially of public interest.
13.Promote, contribute, foster, further, favor.
14.A small flat case for paper money and credit card.
15.Having or showing good sense or judgment.
17.Things that you write down to help you to remember.
20.At university, there are a lots of clubs that organize extra-curricular...
21.To make someone angry or annoyed.
23.A piece of work that yo have to do as part of your studies.
26.To behave in a dishonest way.
27.Land, ground, country, soil.
28.A lesson where a small group of students discuss something with a teacher.
29.A period of time that the school year is divided fact.
30.A college or university student who has not yet received a bachelor's or similar degree.
35.The study of something to discover new facts.
37.A lesson where a large group of people listen to an expert talking a subject.
38.To make someone angry.
40.The possibility of something bad happening.
1.A series of lessons in a subject.
3.Concerned with experience or actual use.
4.To read books, notes in order to prepar for an exam.
5.A teacher at university.
6.Organize something.
9.Universities have gyms, laboratories and lots of other student...
12.To encourage someone to do achieve something.
16.When you live away from home, you become more...
18.To stop a person from speaking for a short period by something you say or do.
19.A level of preformance in a school.
24.One who has received an academic degree.
25.A pieces of work that you have to do as part of your studies.
31.Precisionss, exactne.
32.At university it is usually easy to make new.
33.If you haven't got enough money to pay for your studies you can as for a student...
34.Able to be accepted.
36.Some people don't want to study in their countries, because they want to study...

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