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Madame Bovary vocab

Adonis Ayeva

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2.juvenile kids are this to their parents
3.The atlanta hawks are doing this right now
4.Religion is obviously not like this as even christians are separated
6.republicans are this to democrats
8.terrrorists ___________ed 9/11
10.nuns,priests,popes are all examples of this
13.this is what women were expected to be like in france in the 1800s
15.babies are especially like this
17.the salt did this to the snow a few days ago
19.The french love this especially in foods and drinks. ex old wine, cheese etc
21.the only french word on this list
22.christians_________ jesus
23.This can be represented my how many times mrs Johnson gets on the mic
24.comedians are evidently ___________
1.Boys never want to seem _________ in front of girls
3.fans do this to superstars like lebron james or celebrities like mj
5.you would be considered this if you think Africa is a country
7.you might feel this if you get dumped in front of a big crowd
9.presidential elections tend to have a lot of this between the 2 main candiates
11.Summerhill after dark is an example of this
12.We go through this phase from at least 1-12th grade
14.IB students tend to be in this situation
16.Black public students are usually like this
18.TOK has a lot of this. ex: how do you feel about this quote?
20.Navy seals have to keep this during training as they're ridiculed and yelled at

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