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Madame Bovary Vocabulary Part 7

Jonah Santiago

Madame Bovary Vocabulary

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1.These type of people usually aren't invited to formal or professional events/parties
3.The lion in the wizard of oz was described as this
7.aspirin is used to do this when you're in pain
10.Angels are usually described as this
13.These people often try to search for deals when they shop
14.Gullible people are who these type of people go for the most
15.Movies can be described as such
17.Many people did this to Martin Luther King after the civil rights movement
18.Comedians are examples of this
19.before a big test people usually do this the
20.Mature and confident people usually find it easy to keep this in uncontrollable or unpredictable situations
2.This occurs when some one is angry and wants to heart the person without being physical
4.Feminist are usually this when it comes to sexist stereotypes
5.The subjects and ideas we cover in TOK can be described as this
6.Confucius was seen as this by a lot of people during his time
8.Jehovah witnesses are popularly described as this due to there well known, random house visits
9.Being lost in an unknown place at night can create this
11.IB can to do this with stress
12.people who go along with what every someone says in order to stay on their good side can viewed as this type of person
16.bleaching your hair can do this to it

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