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1                 2  
4                         5                  
      7             8
    10         11   12        
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      19 20                               21    
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  29                                     30  
  31     32                      
34                             35     36                
38         39                                

1.is a group of organs that perform closely related functions (2 Words)
4.provides nutrients in adequate amounts and enough energy for a person to maintain a healthful weigh (2 Words)
5.the process in which cells in the small intestine absorb the nutrients is called...
7.supply raw materials for growth and repair of structure such as skin and muscle
9.recognizes and coordinates the body's response to changes in its internal and external environments (2 Words)
10.is a large muscular sac that release substances so the bolus is chemically broken down
12.the most important nutrient is...
13.describes the relatively constant internal physical and chemical conditions that organisms maintain despite changes in internal and external enviroments
14.absorbs water as undigested material (2 Words)
15.breaks down food, absorbs nutrients and eliminates wastes (2 Words)
19.produces gametes; in female, nurtures and protects developing embryo (2 Words)
22.a group of cells that perform a single function
23.here is where most of the absorption takes place (2 Words)
24.is the process in which a stimulus produces a response that opposes the original stimulus (2 Words)
29.works with the skeletal system to produce voluntary movement (2 Words)
32.the energy stored in food is called...
34.controls growth, development, and metabolism (2 Words)
36.the first step of digestion is
37.transports oxygen, nutrients and hormones to cels (2 Words)
38.help the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins and a part of cell membranes, nerve cells and certain hormones
39.enzymes break down food into the small molecules the body can use (2 Words)
1.a group of different types of tissues that work together to perform a single function or several related functions is called an..
2.the process in which the body eliminates all the substances that it doesn't need
3.nerve impulses are transmitted throughout the body by... (2 Words)
6.simple and complex …. are a major source of energy for the body
8.supports the body (2 Words)
11.a type of tissue that provides support for your body and connects its parts (2 Words)
16.eliminates waste products from the body (2 Words)
17.movements of the body are possible because of... (2 Words)
18.brings in oxygen to our body (2 Words)
20.the tissue that lines the interior and exterior body surfaces is called... (2 Words)
21.is the physical breakdown of large pieces of food into smaller pieces (2 Words)
25.helps protect the body from disease (2 Words)
26.organic molecules that the body needs in very small amounts are called...
27.is the basic unit of structure and function
28.are needed to produce enzymes (2 Words)
30.increase the internal surface area of the intestinal walls. Increased surface area allows for increased intestinal wall area that is available for absorption
31.the bolus passes through a tube called…. into the stomach by the movement known as peristalsis
33.inorganic nutrients that the body needs, usually in small amounts are called...
35.the digestive process begins in the…

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