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Early African Tribes

World History, Human Legacy, Holt 2008. Use textbooks, Pgs 283-303

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2.Invaders from N.Africa who took down the Mali Kingdom
8.Disease that causes mutation of red blood cells called
10.Early African society that practices working with iron tools & weapons.
12.Soapstone statues found in the Great Zimbabwe ruins
13.Benin people came into contact with these Europeans around the 1400's
15.Language group (term) that originated from Cameroon/Nigeria area
17.Askum declines due to the arrival of these invaders about 600-700's AD
18.Considered one of the richest major trade city in Western Africa
20.Religion of the Ethiopian people, which still holds there today.
24.This Songhai leader took Timbuktu from the Tuareg
26.In 1324 the Mali took over 60,000 people to make a __?__ to Mecca
28.Built 11 stone churches (from solid rock) architecturally amazing.
29.The Hausa City-States were known as skilled __?__ (skill)
32.Swahili is a blend of Bantu language as well as
33.Ghana became a major player in trade, due to the arrival of these from N.Africa
35.This King took total control of trade in Eastern Africa
38.Tribe found in S.Africa
39.Term that refers to a blend of African-Arab culture
41.The written & spoken language of Aksum
42.Mansa Musa was a Mali leader from the 1300's, made $$ from taxing __?__
1.Once the Zimbabwe vanished, this power takes over.
3.Sunni Ali's military success was due to his army, cavalry & war __?__
4.Insect that lives in wooded areas near lakes, causes sleeping sickness.
5.Deadly disease carried by mosquitoes, kills millions every year.
6.Became a wealthy trading kingdom near the Red Sea by about 1000 AD
7.Lalibela's dynasty was called
9.African storyteller, passes legends & stories down orally.
11.Arab traveler who visited & wrote accounts of his trip to the African coast.
14.Zimbabwe believed to possibly have built a great __?__
16.Mali leader ruled 25 yrs, powerful Mali king.
19.Largest waterfalls in Africa
20.Aksum was the 1st African nation to create/use their own __?__
21.Form of African religion, belief that objects may contain spirits.
22.means 'stone houses', circular forts/ruins
23.Great Zimbabwe served as __?__ between gold & ivory hunters.
24.Believed __?__ were unseen ancestors that stayed nearby after death.
25.__?__ Muhammad, Songhai leader, who saw trade, scholarship, & military flourish.
27.Tribe renowned for their realistic sculptures out of bronze, brass, & terra-cotta
30.Ghana declined due to the arrival of the __?__
31.Open grasslands, tall grasses, shrubs, a few trees, variety of herd animals.
33.Creature that could survive the trip across the harsh Sahara desert.
34.Region of W.Africa, strip that divides the desert from wetter areas
36.nickname given by Arab traders to the region of East African coast
37.Ethiopia truly began to develop during the __?__ dynasty
40.Many still marvel at the height of the Great Zimbabwe's __?__

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