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Chapter 10

2       3 4
  7           8           9  
  10     11    
14   15                     16        
  19           20  
21 22  

2.America wanted trade, not colonies, in China; called its ___ Door Policy
5.Puerto Rico's current status in relation to U.S.
7.The U.S. acted as a ______ power in Latin America, preventing European intervention
8.Roosevelt's diplomacy
12.This country did not have a sphere of influence in China
13.Manmade waterway to connect the Atlantic and Pacific (two words)
14.Roosevelt fought with the _________ ______________ (two words) during the Spanish American War.
16.ended the Spanish -American War; Treaty of ____
19.______________ and Hearst were two newspaper tycoons who encouraged “yellow journalism”.
23.The kingdom of Queen Liliuokalani
24.Wilson's diplomacy
1.The ______ Press published the headline "War? Sure!"
3.The definition of this word is strong nations controlling weaker territories
4.The Roosevelt Corollary protected these U.S. interests
6.Instead of attacking Cuba first, Dewey surprised the Spanish in ___________ Bay (Think Philippines)
9.The U.S. supported a Panamanian rebellion against ____.
10.The Teller Amendment stated the U.S. would not annex ________
11.U.S. naval base in Hawaii (2 words)
14.Roosevelt used diplomatic action in ending the ____-Japanese War
15.The demise of this ship fueled the Cuban crisis
17.Taft's diplomacy
18.the Foraker ___ established a civil govt. in Puerto Rico
20.Upset that the U.S. controlled the Philippines, _____ Aguinaldo organized an insurrection
21.the Philippine Islands were a stepping stone to trade with ______
22.Alfred Thayer Mahan believed that no nation can become a world power without a powerful ______.

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