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Gustave Flaubert

1         2
3         4  
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1.To____my stress about IB school work I play sports because it takes my mind off of any school relative work.
3.Many adults feel that teenager are disrespecting their authority when using_______ language.
5.Different magazines we read today can be extremely_____especially when talking about celebrities lives
6.Watch your things at Maynard Jackson it can become a bad area
8.17. When people think of IB Students, they think of the most _______student in the entire school.
11.Due to the fact that I am not an offense player on the basketball court the coaches assume I have a _____mental approach
13.Being splash with water by a car while walking down the street
15.22. Because you got a perfect score on your SAT or ACT does not mean you are____ of other high school students
17.Situation that you wish you come...Suffering from cancer
20.23. When learning Chinese you figure out that most words you learn in level one are not_____
21.Giving people a dumb response makes me
22.The voice of Whitney Houston makes people feel a certain type of way
2.Eating fast food such McDonalds on the normal
4.10. I made a mistake and used____ word while I was in church; boy I was in a lot of trouble
7.Sex before marriges is something religious people
9.Parents say "I brought you in this world I will take you out"
10.9. When talking to someone that does not have a high vocabulary as you, you will_____ them when having a conversation; some takes this offensive
12.Why do my parents think I should____ the church
14.8. SpongeBob ripped his pants in front of the whole bikini bottom city; much to his_____
16.When I do not get enough sleep due to staying up late finishing their homework
18.Words that have more that one meaning are
19.18. Old people with_____attitudes seem to hate the new generation in many ways

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