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Madame Bovary Vocabulary

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1.When a baby is first born you ccant be so rough with it. Babies are needed to be handled gently and without a heavy hand.
3.a mother and father care so much about their child and dont want them to get into any bad situations with anyone or anything. They tell them what they need to do and how to do it. They feel that they dont need to hang around certain people.
4.the opposite of having more than one meaning. If you say a word then you will know most likely.
9.Lets make it work for her since she wants to be different. Lets not think about everyone.
10.in a story what is the part that hits the top and everything comes out?
13.A dairy is a girl life when they are young, it means the world to them and they wowuldnt want anything to happen to them.
14.If im going this way and youre going that way we are going what ways?
16.She is to your left and he is to your right where would that make you?
17.Fake people ; Twp-faced
18.After cheering i can barley stay up and do my homework. i am considered lazy but in reality im not.
19.Sex is brought up in many different type of ways but its how you respond to it that matters
1.if you say a word and others think you mean something else but you mean the other something else.
2.When being in front of a huge crowd and you dont come to a complete stand still, youre very brave in yourself
5.Teachers have one purpose and thats to help the students learn what they need in life.
6.an adopted child may feel differently then the birth child because he wasnt born into the family. the family may treat him a different way then the birth child.
7.A person talks about your mom being fat is called what. example: elementary kids
8.A small dog fears to stand up to a bigger dog because of the chances it has to die quickly and because the bigger dog has more power.
11.When being serious, its always that one person who has to joke around about the situation
12.females always have this when on there menstrual cycle/period.
15.if you have a conversation most likely your talking about something in the past future of presents.

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