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Restoration London

1 2 3
      5 6        
    10   11    
12 13   14          
16           17                     18

6.Which hot drink from Mexico was very popular?
7.What were the streets full of?
8.Which hot drink from India was very popular?
9.What did people collect their drinking water from?
10.What did people smoke their tobacco in?
13.What did people use for toilets?
15.Where did Charles return to on 29 May 1660?
16.Only one person in ten lived to what age?
17.What was Charles' nickname?
1.What ran through the middle of the streets?
2.Where did Charles visit theatres?
3.Where did Charles gamble on horses?
4.What did Charles sail on the River Thames?
5.What didn't people realise led to disease?
6.What were the streets made of?
11.Where did Charles like to play 'pell mell'?
12.How old was Charles?
14.Which hot drink from Arabia was very popular?
16.What wouldn't people eat in case it caused disease?
18.What was the weather like in the summer of 1665?

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