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South America Vocab

Annie Hrenchir

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2._________, like Tokyo, have grown so much that they have absorbed the smaller cities around them.
5.A _______ is owned by a wealthy corporation and usually rather large.
6.The Tierra _______ is usually covered with snow and under 20 degrees.
8.For many years, Mexico was ruled by royally appointed _______s.
9.Aztec farmers used to cultivate crops on ________.
11.The _______ are inland grasslands of Columbia and Venezuela.
12.___________ is a major problem for animals that live in trees.
17.Because they are a _________ society, the females are usually the head of the families in the Caribbean.
18.The Tierra _________ is covered entirely with trees and is 65-75 degrees.
19.The Tierra _______ is the hottest level at around 75-80 degrees.
20.The _______ ethnic group makes up the largest part of Mexico's population.
22.The Andes are considered to be _________s because they contain several ranges that run parallel to one another.
23.The ____ level is treeless and anywhere from 20-55 degrees.
1.Hernan Cortes was a famous ___________.
2.Japanese firms built many ___________s near the U.S./Mexico border.
3.________ _________ is an ancient farming technique that involves burning land.
4.The ______ became the absolute ruler of Mexico because of all the military backup he had.
7.The grassy _______ of Argentina and Uruguay are famous for their cattle.
10.Any farm that is smaller than a Latifundia is a ___________.
13.The poor way of life in _____ _____s makes the inhabitants susceptible to disease.
14.Patagonia is an _________ in Argentina.
15.Mexico City is so large and influential that it has become a ______ ____ in Mexico.
16._____ _____s are grown in large qualities to gain more profit.
21.The Tierra ____ is below the puna and has a temperature of 55-65 degrees.

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