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Legal torts & Ethic's

Kima Alexander

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4.False statement that damage a person's reputation.
6.Ex:) Sally slaps Mr.Potty.
7.Can be verbal, physical, sexual,or pyschological
9.Ex:) David is performing surgery on Ms.Tatum and he cuts the wrong side of her stomach.
1.Ex:) After Ms.Tatum's surgery, the nurse that took Ms.Tatum back to her room forgot to put the bedrails up, and Ms.Tatum fell of the bed.
2.Ex:) David writes an nasty email to Sue,after Sally says she won't date him,saying how Sally is a terrible nurse.
3.Ex:) Sue is bathing Mrs.Kimota and forgets to close her door, David walks by and sees Mrs.Kimota
5.Ex:) In the coffee break room, Sally tells everybody about how unprofessional David is.
8.Ex:) Sally says to Mr.Potty, her patient, that she will slap him if he keeps yelling for medicine.

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