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African Government

Coach Key

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2.Party with the most reps. in the legislature chooses the leader in this type of democracy
6.Africa has the highest rate of this disease
11.Leader of a presidential form of government
12.The central government holds most of the power
13.International organizations provide food for millions in this country (2 words)
15.What caused Sudan and S. Sudan to pay less attention to education (2 words)
16.Organization responsible for improving Kenya's education system (3 words)
17.What often happens to children of those infected with HIV/Aids
18.A group of powerful leaders describes the decision makers
20.Leader of a parliamentary system of government (2 words)
22.Makes and carries out laws in a parliamentary system of government
26.The religious conflict in Sudan has been primarily between... (3 words)
28.Social, religious, and political conflict caused civil war in this country
29.The people play a role in deciding who rules
30.Money or gifts given by the groom to the bride's family
31.An individual ruler makes most of the important government decisions
32.Power is shared among the different levels of government
33.The president of ________ ___________ is chosen by the National Assembly
34.Is chosen in a seperately from the legislature
1.Two forms of democratic government (3 words)
3.Which European country once controlled the countries we studied (2 Words)
4.Who usually has higher literacy rates in Africa, boys or girls?
5.85% of the children attend elem. school in this country
7.61% literacy rate
8.Local governments hold most of the power
9.Enfoces the laws passed by the legislature
10.27% literacy rate (2 words)
14.Conflicts disrupt farming and little food is produced causing this to occur
19.Passes laws in a presidential system of government
21.Which country has been independent of colonial control the longest (2 words)
23.87% literacy rate
24.Which country applies and protects individual rights
25.Ceremonial figure in a parliamentary government system with little power (3 words)
27.Seperation of the races

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