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Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles

M Taylor

Crossword for the carbon and nitrogen cycles

1 2 3       4 5
7 8           9          
10     11          

3.A man made process for producing fertiliser
6.Something farmers spray on crops to help crops grow.
7.Increased uptake of carbon dioxide by oceans results in this.
11.Type of fuel which is formed from organism which died millions of years ago.
12.Organism such as fungi and bacteria which break down dead matter.
14.A type of plant which has nitrogen fixing bacteria on its roots. (peas, beans)
15.A waste product which results in carbon and nitrogen componds leaving the body.
16.A natural process witnessed in storms which turns atmospheric nitrogen into a form which plants can use.
1.A carbon compound found in plants. (major food group)
2.Acarbon compound found in limestone, shells and coral.
4.The opporsite to photosynthesis.
5.A nitrogen containing compound released by waste and decaying matter.
8.Another name for the burning of fossil fuels.
9.A carbon compound which is present in plants.
10.An important nitrogen containing compound found in food used for growth.
13.Nitrogen rich substance in urine

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