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Fill in the blanks in the sentences and solve the puzzle.

1             2
3           4  
5 6                
  9 10            
      12     13      

1.James intends __________ the pyramids when he's in Egypt next month.
3.I can't believe XX expects ________ the exam, he never works in class, doesn't pay attention to anything and doesn't even have a book!
6.Can you imagine ___________ around the world in an aerostatic ballonn?
7.My family decided ___________ on vacation in January as we are all going to be busy in the summer.
10.You should not risk ____________ yourself on that bike! It's not worth it!
11.He always pretended _________ her! It was all a lie and her heart was broken!
12.Would you mind ________ the salt, please?
15.The school postponed __________ the English marathon due to token issues.
16.I really enjoy activities that involve ___________ problems!
1.Depending on what you choose _______ universities have different scholarship programs.
2.John is planning ________ all his money in a new software company.
4.The Physics teacher doesn't tolerate __________ in class, he wants us to be quiet all the time.
5.Kevin really seems __________ Kate, he can't take his eyes off her!
8.I really hope __________ famous someday!
9.When you go out at night, it is important to avoid ________ to dangerous parts of the city.
11.Chris is preparing __________ to his new house, he's supposed to be there in two days.
12.I miss _______ games all day! Being a kid was awesome!
13.A lot of people enjoy___________ in the shower.
14.Jane would really prefer not _________ to study Chemistry, she really hates that class!

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