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Monsters movies and movie monsters

Shane Thompson

Monsters have been part of film for a while. If it's more than one word, still no spaces. Got it?

1         2    
  3     4
5   6 7  
8     9          
        13         14  

1.The king of the monsters.
3.Movie about giant ants.
9.Godzilla's box office rival in Japan.
12.1931 film with Borris Karloff
13.Monster in "The 7th voyage of sinbad"
16.1925 dinosaur film (3 words, but no spaces)
2.1927 film with Lon Chaney, Sr. (3 words, but no spaces)
4.Giant butterfly, sometimes fights godzilla.
5.1922 German film with Max Schreck
6.Classic 1933 monster film (2 words, but no spaces)
7.1979 space film
8.Famous werewolf played by Lon Chaney Jr.
10.Monster in "The beast from 20,000 fathoms"
11.Monster in a Bram Stoker novel
13."The cabinet of Dr. _________"
14.1960 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock
15.Monster in an H.P Lovecraft novel.

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