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Microsoft Word 2010 Glossary

Susan Smith

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2.listing of divisions and pages on which they start (3 Words)
5.label added to a figure, table, photo, or other object.
6.in a list, an item preceded by a symbol vs. a number (2 Words)
8.command that erases text behind/to left of cursor
10.erase text to the cursor's right
12.file format letting a file be opened by various word processing software (3 Words)
13.collection of cells in rows and columns in a single sheet where data in the cells is manipulated and stored
14.image you can put on a page as an object
15.automatically moves cursor to the line below when reaching the end of a line without needing to use the Enter key (2 Words)
17.display launched by an arrow at a Group's bottom right which accesses related commands (2 Words)
18.supplemental program that extends Word's functions
19.command on the Quick Access Toolbar that reverses the previous command used
20.reference to a published resource
21.recorded, automated actions that can be replayed
22.storage/sharing service to upload files, then access them from a Web browser (3 Words)
1.program for budgets, forecasting, financial tasks that organizes data in cells and uses formulas with cell relationships
3.rules for encoding e-documents (3 Words)
4.bottom of screen display showing number of pages/words on the left and View options and Zoom slider on the right (2 Words)
6.list of sources (at the end of your report) used in your research
7.feature to create essentially identical documents with unique parts like name and address (2 Words)
9.pops up over text selected with a translation of the text. Copy, look up more about, or hear it read. (3 Words)
11.save a file within another vs.linking to each other
16.printed notation below text on a page that explains, comments on, or references text in the document

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