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Career Unit

Aniya Betts

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1.Interview in which your employer ask questions about your work upon leaving the company.
5.The willingness and ability of a person to move to where jobs are located.
8.The quality of being able to perform a metal or physical task.
9.A tool that provides information about you to a potenial employer.
11.Experienced employeeor "career coach" who serves as a councelor to a person with less experience
12.Tangible evidence of your abilty and skills.
13.A letter expressing your interest in a specific job.
14.Process of studying careers, assessing yourself in terms of careers, and making decisions about a future career.
15.Name, address, phone#, e-mail
2.Two-way conversation in which interviewer learns about you and you learn about the job
3.Personal employment goal
4.Things that are inportant to you
6.A natural in born aptitude to do certin things.
7.A task of series of tak that is performed to provide a good service.
10.A goal of work that is fulfilled through an occupation or series of occupations.

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