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7       8          
14     15         16            

8.Those seaworks include dikes and high earthen platforms
9.About one-sixth of French lands are located in the uplands
10.The land around the lake was drained, creating several polders
14.a series of wars to take Palestine
16.a cold, dry wind from the north
17.is a hot steady wind that blows across the mediterranean sea into southern europe
18.low mountain areas of Brittany in France
1.hills or very low mountains that may also contain mesas and high plateaus
2.it was an arm in the north sea and is now a fresh water lake
3.a political unit made up of a city
4.a current of warm water from the tropics, flows near Europe's west coast
5.which are steep U-shaped valleys that connect to the sea
6.earthen banks—holding back the North Sea
7.which began in the Italian city-states, was a time of renewed interest in learning and the arts that lasted from the 14th
11.partially decayed plant matter found in bogs
12.Land that is reclaimed by diking and draining
13.a government in which the people voted for a representative
15.structures that are used to control the sea's destructive impact on human life

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