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By the Skin Of Your Teeth

A&P Module 3E

By Larry Schaefer

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3.The adult skin covers about 22 square feet and weighs about 8-10 ___________
5.This pigment is most responsible for the color of our skin
6.The openings on the skin which allow oil or perspiration to be released onto its surface
8.Another name for the body’s integument
10.This skin condition is caused by over-production of oil typically within the adolescent years (and is not caused by eating chocolate)
11.These glands produce oils which help to keep our skin soft
16.A malignant tumor
19.The sebaceous glands produce this material which helps to keep our skin soft
20.In this module we are studying the nervous system and the ______________ system
22.These important structures of the integumentary system cover the ends of our fingers and toes to provide protection and may be used as a sort of “tool”
23.One of the most important functions of the skin is that it ___________________ the body from infection and from drying out
26.One of the senses of the skin; felt when an object lightly comes in contact with its surface
28.A very contagious viral skin infection transmitted by skin-to-skin contact
29.This skin condition presents with red, scaly patches on the scalp and torso
30.A cell type found in the lower-most layer of the skin which usually increases with age and helps to cushion the body
1.A structure within the skin which stacks old cells one on top of another to make a hair shaft
2.One of the senses of the skin, felt when a sharp object touches or penetrates its surface
4.These specialized cells carry impulses to and from the skin so that it has sensation
7.The liquid made of water and salts produced by the sudoriferous glands
9.A very contagious skin infection commonly transmitted between children in school settings
11.The skin produces fluids to help cool the body and oils to keep the skin smooth. This function of the skin is called _____________________.
12.The lower-most layer of skin which contains nerve endings, fat, blood and lymphatic vessels, hair follicle roots and the bases of the sweat glands
13.Perspiration comes from these glands to help cool our body
14.Projections growing from follicles deep in the subcutaneous layer, sticking above the surface of the epidermis and responsible for providing warmth for the body
15.The upper-most layer of the skin which is thickest on the soles of our feet and the palms of our hands
17.The “technical" or "scientific” name for fat tissue
18.A general term for an inflammation of the skin
21.A tough, water proof material found within the epidermis
24.This middle layer of the skin is thick and is made of loosely scattered cells
25.This tissue is responsible for causing hairs to rise up in what are termed “goose bumps”
27.One of the senses of the skin, felt when a high temperature object comes in contact with the skin surface

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