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Relativity CW #1

Mr. Bruce

This lists terms from both special and general relativity theory, people in the film "Einstein's Big Idea" (a great movie BTW), as well as E=mc2 principles.

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3.In general relativity, Einstein developed a tensor calculus set of 10 equations which are now referred to as his ______ equations.
4.In Einstein's general relativity paper he accounted for the error in this planet's orbit as calculated by Newton's universal gravity equation.
7.This man invited Einstein to see the red shift of receding galaxies which validated that the universe was expanding.
9.This Jewish woman later received a Noble Prize for her work in describing how Otto Hahn had split the atom.
10.The ___ shift is evidence that the universe is expanding.
11.This woman challenged Newton's published idea and supported Leibniz, showing that energy depended upon the square of the velocity. She was perhaps 150 years ahead of her time.
13.According to Einstein's general relativity theory, gravity is simply the ______ of the space-time continuum.
15.Anything that has a ____ mass not = 0 cannot travel at the speed of light.
16."c" in E = mc2 stands for a Latin word, ______, which means "speed."
17.In 1812 this Scottish bookbinder went to a scientific lecture by Humphry Davy.
18.Otto Hahn got the Noble Prize in 1944 for ______ the atom. He barely even mentioned Lise Meitner in his acceptance speech, referring to her as his "coworker."
19.In 1905, Einstein published his ______ relativity theory, in which he ignored acceleration and the effect of gravity on motion.
21.Albert ______ did an experiment in California that measured the speed of light 20x more accurately than had been done before in 1878.
30.The description that Einstein gave for this phenomenon, when light shining on a metal caused electrons to flow.
31.Length ______ is the special relativity effect of lengths of objects in a moving frame shortening from the perspective of a stationary frame of reference.
32.This concept was first proposed by Galileo concerning motion, was supported and developed by Newton and appended to by Einstein to include time.
33.This principle says that whatever equations Einstein developed in his special and general relativity theories needed to work when speeds or gravitational fields were normal, everyday sizes.
1.The shortest distance between two points near a large mass is not a straight line. This is referred to as a ______.
2.______ was a Roman Catholic priest who was also a physicist. He proposed what was later referred to as the "Big Bang" theory.
5.This French philosopher and poet said about Emilie du Chatelet that "she was a great man whose only fault was being born a woman."
6.1905 is sometimes referred to as Einstein's ______ year, in which he produced 4 amazing papers.
8.In 1915 Einstein published his ______ relativity theory, in which he included acceleration and gravity, developing his field equations.
12.Mass ______ is the special relativity effect of the mass of objects in a moving frame increasing from the perspective of a stationary frame of reference.
14.______ ______ was first developed by Max Planck. It involves the physics of subatomic particles.
20.Einstein was working in a Swiss ______ office when he published his theories on special relativity, Brownian motion, the photoelectric effect and E = mc2.
22.Einstein referred to space and time being connected, time being a 4th dimension, in what was later referred to as the spacetime ______.
23.This English astronomer validated Einstein's general relativity prediction during an eclipse of the sun.
24.Einstein's paper on ______ motion proposed that the motion was caused by photons of light bombarding atoms.
25.Antoine ______ was guillotined during the French revolution.
26.When Einstein referred to time as a 4th dimension, this concept was later referred to as ______.
27.Einstein assumed two ______ to be true in his special relativity theory.
28.Time ______ is the special relativity effect of time lengthening for a moving frame from the perspective of a stationary frame of reference.
29.In 1907, while still working in a patent office, ______ sent an assistant to visit Einstein and encourage him to pursue further developing his ideas of relativity.

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