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Outsiders Vocab Ch. 1-6 Review

Here's a practice puzzle.

1 2
3 4              
5   6    
7           8                  
    9   10
11 12                
  14                     15  
16           17                        
    18                 19  
  21                 22            
24         25                    
27   28        

4.The car was fast and loud because it was probably __________________________.
7.Spending a night in one of these will keep you from ever thinking of committing crime.
8.When my dad insisted that I ride in the booster seat, I felt like this considering that I was fifteen years old.
11.The reason that Calvin's hair always sticks up in the back.
13.Mr. Oncay consider himself this when it comes to computers.
14.When the magician made the table float, I felt like this.
16.My mother's nagging speech was like one of these.
17.Feeling this, the puppy twisted its head sideways.
18.Making homemade booze and selling it.
21.This is the boy acted when he was trying to impress the girl.
22.The nurse attached more of this because I was still losing blood from my wound.
23.Doing this near a campfire will make you cough.
24.CVS just declared that they would no longer sell one of these to anyone because they care about people's health.
25.The boy tapped his pencil like this, and he would not stop no matter how many times I insisted.
26.If you are doing this at 7-Eleven, they might call the police.
27.When he did this, I knew that he came from Texas.
29.This is how boys think they must act to seem cool and masculine.
1.One of these might never see the ocean because he grew up on a farm in Missouri.
2.They will give you a ticket if you are speeding.
3.It's worth more when it comes from the North.
5.The fortune teller had one of these and told me that I would win the lottery.
6.This was weak, so the blade of the sword fell off.
9.This is how you ask you parents for more data on your smartphone.
10.She was clearly nervous when her voice was doing this.
12.The old horse acted like this, so I couldn't make him walk anywhere.
15.Where I won't buy any snacks because all food at the theater is junkfood.
16.By law, you have to remain like this until you are twenty-one years old.
19.After you do something embarassing, act like this so people won't notice.
20.Your shirt isn't cool unless it's made of this.
21.This is how you carry eggs.
28.A dog whines when he is injured, but a cat acts like this and avoids people.

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