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5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Catholics United for the Faith

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1.Today's Gospel writer.
4."Nor do they light a ____ and then put it under a bushel basket"
5."A city set on a mountain cannot be ____."
9.The eighth commandment forbids ____ witness.
11."Light shines through the ____ for the upright;" Ps 112
13.Today's epistle was written to the church in this town.
16.It is a corporal act of mercy to clothe the ____.
17."The ____ of the LORD shall be your rear guard."
19."You are the ____ of the earth."
2.Salt that is no good is thrown out and ____ under foot.
3.It is a spiritual work of mercy to ______ the ignorant.
6.Jesus tells us that others should "see your good ____ and glorify your heavenly Father."
7."Do not turn your ____ on your own."
8.Saint Paul came "proclaiming the ____ of God"
10."Remove from your midst oppression, false accusation and malicious ____;"
12."Share your ____ with the hungry"
14.It is a corporal work of mercy to feed the ____.
15."I resolved to ____ nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ."
18."Your ____ must shine before others."

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