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Poetic Devices

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2.A line or phrase that recurs throughout a poem - especially at the end of stanzas.
4.The continuation of a sentence or phrase across a line break
8.The attitude of the poet as expressed in the poem, e.g. anger, love, resignation, despair, fear, boredom etc.
10.When words with the same initial letter are used close to each other
11.A break in the flow of sound in a line of poetry
12.The structural components of a poem e.g. stanza pattern, metre, syllable count, etc.
1.Figure of speech whereby inanimate objects or abstractions are given human characteristics.
2.The effect produced when similar vowel sounds chime together and where the final consonant sound is also in agreement
3.The use of words that imitate the sound that the poet is trying to describe
5.An imaginative comparison between two actions/objects/etc. which is not literal.
6.The regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables that make up a line of poetry
7.The explicit comparison of two objects/phenomenon/states/etc - by using either 'as' or 'like'
9.One or more lines that make up the basic units of a poem - separated from each other by spacing.

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