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Blue and Gold

Pack 234

1   2   3   4    
5 6          
  7 8   9      
11   12                 13
14             15          
16               17

1.Leader of the pack
5.Our entire group of Scouts
9.Must be in second grade for this rank
10.We march in it
11.Worn around the neck on the class A uniform.
14.Pinewood _______
15.A way to show respect to the US Flag.
16.Summer Camp
18.The first rank in cubscouts
2.Jungle Book bear
3.the highest award in cubscouts
4.Number of fingers that stick out in cubscout handshake
6.Adult leader, mentor or parent.
7."We'll be loyal scouts"
8.Must be earned before receiving any other rank.
12.What can be found at our next campout
13."Do your Best"
17.Group of boys by age and rank.

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