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Science Crossword

Jeremiah Cunningham

1 2         3  
4   5   6
7               8  
        10 11   12    
13 14            
15   16       17                            
        19         20      
21             22                              
23         24                     25
26         27          

2.Stretchy muscular sac that holds food.
7.This is how you see.
11.Lets your body breathe.
15.All the organs that help breathing.
20.It is outside of your organs.
21.Removes waste from the blood and turns it into waste.
22.This is what happens as soon as you eat food.
23.This system supports the body.
26.This is what sends messages to your nerves.
27.Helps push food to the back of the mouth.
28.These provide support for the body and produce blood cells.
29.This communicates with all the body systems.
30.Nutrients are absorbed and sent to the blood here.
1.Cleans the blood and produces bile.
3.All the organs that help blood travel.
4.Pumps blood to the body.
5.Holds urine until released from the body.
6.These blood vessels carry blood toward the heart.
8.This produces digestive enzymes.
9.Saliva comes from this.
10.This is how you get air in the body
12.This is a system of nerves.
13.These blood vessels carry blood away from the heart.
14.Protects the lungs
16.Bundle of nerves that connects your brain to all the rest of the body.
17.Has no use.
18.This absorbs water from the body, store wastes, and eventually gets rid of it.
19.Food enters this after being chewed.
24.This tube connects the throat and nose to the bronchial tubes.
25.This chews food in the mouth.

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