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Group 5A

Kory Hussey

This section includes properties, ammonia, explosives, acid rain and fertilizers

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2.leaches nutrients from soil, and makes trees die
6.created by Nobel
7.Nitrogen in air isn't useful for ______
8.contain salts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium
9.explosions produce ______ products
10.has a pH of about 5.6
16.type of explosive that is often unstable
19.prepared by heating a mixture of 2 things in rhea absence of air
20.deprived of phosphate minerals
1.Nitrogen and hydrogen are heated under pressure in the presence of iron
3.a thick, pale, oily liquid
4.power plants are the main source of ____ and nitrogen oxides
5.The boiling point of ______ is 1750 degrees Celsius
11.also used as a refrigerant
12.reacts with ammonia and oxygen, forming nitrogen and water
13.Fertilizer is essential for ____ _____
14.ammonia is used to manufacture ______
15.The only element in group 5A that isn't at room temperature
17.an explosion requires fuel and ______
18.a metal

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