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Simone 2


1 2 3             4
5             6   7        
    8 9         10  
12   13 14   15         16            
17                       18                 19
  20                 21      
    24     25                     26          
  27   28                      
              29 30 31
32                             33                 34
35                       36                
37           38       39            
    42     43      
44               45 46        
48         49       50          
51           52 53       54  
  55           56 57        
58             59  
  60   61         62    

3.Early flower
5."Angel" creator
6.Social media purgatory
9.Peruvian flute
11.Emotionally immature dude
14.Paleoanthropological mecca
17.Wandering bird
18.The subject of a cryptozoologist's quest
20.Pocahontas's promised
22.Eighth planet
23.Screaming root
24.Fitzgerald's magnum opus
26.Juliet Capulet's cousin
27.Phone greeting in Tokyo
32.Shakespeare's wife
33.Watery espresso drink
35.Fire and _______
36.Lizzie Bennet's wet dream
37.Name of the pig-saving spider in E.B. White's novel
39.Mr. Stewart
40.Not a vegetable, but a fruit
41.Extension of a butcher's arm
42.Joint of finger
44.Elba exile
45.Pre-independence name of Chennai, India
48.Craft chain
50.Capital of Taiwan
51.Sonic's pal
53.Caterpillar's treasure
55.Woven furniture
57.Tricky creator
58.Management abbrev.
60.Bee treat
62.Fire byproduct
64.Text message hysterics
1.Sengoku-era assassin
2.What a country produces (abbrev.)
4.Poseidon's daughters
7.Sun's highest (or lowest) point in relation to the equator
8.Feel sick
10.N64 predecessor
11.Ancient land between two rivers
12.Lower jaw
13.Small squeezebox
15.A stone with a tree inside
16.Trashy folks
19.British term for rappel
21.Wuthering Heights antihero
25.Huge fucking clam
28.Moby Dick's kind
29.A plumber's foray into medicine
30.The first direwolf to die
31.Ornery mutant
32.Gael's Scotland
34.Largest U.S. State
38.Both a stone and a colour
43.Fancy necktie
46.Hammer companion
47.Canon competitor
48.Formerly Burma
49.Of or relating to horses
52.Pokemon with a lot of options
54.First lady
56.Dragon's treasure
59.Fanfare sound effect
61.Trout basket

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