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PSYCH 460 - 46546

Joseph Dasenbrock

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2."Watson proposed a new approach called ___. This eliiminated the mind as a topic of study. Instead, only observable bhv was studied. This approach only looks at observable items, stimuli in the environment and overt behavior. "
5."Wundt, by his structuralism approach, used a method called ___. Participants were trained to describe experiences and thought processes in response to stimuli."
6.cognition involves ___
7."___, 1953, used an approach called Dichotic Listening. This appr tested how participants cd focus on only one message, the message which they were shadowing. "
9."Skinner argued that children learned language purely from rewards and punishment. ___ wrote a scathing review of Skinners work in 1959. ___ argued that children must have an inborn biological program for learning language, because they often say things which they have never been rewarded for. "
10."Wundt, considered the father of psych, used an approach called ___ which was the analysis of the basic elements that constitute the mind. Experience is determined by combining sensations, or something like a periodic table of sensations. "
11."Donders, 1868, was interested in measuring how long a cognitive process takes. He used a process called ___, which was a reaction time experiment. "
15."Psych researcher, 1885, who memorized a list of nonsense syllables: and determined the number of repititions to be able to repeat the list without any errors. "
17.The ___ approach used insights from the digital computer as a way to study the mind.
21.cognition involves ___
23.The goal of ___ is to find ways to study and understand the inner workings of the mind.
24.A system that creates representations of the world so that we can act within it to achieve our goals.
1."The behavioral approach measures the rltn between stimuli and bhv, while the ___ measure the rltn between physiology and behavior. "
3.cognition involves ___
4.cognition involves ___
5.cognition involves ___
8."Skinner, 1938, used an approach called ___. Under this viewpoint, behavior is shaped by rewards or punishment. "
9.The ___ was a shift from the behaviorists stimulus response framework to an approach which attempts to study bhv in terms of the mind.
12.cognition involves ___
13.cognition involves ___
14."___ noticed problems with Wundt's introspection approach, including extremely variable results from person to person and difficulty of verification of results. Mental processes are invisible. "
16.cognition involves ___
18."___ 1938, did an experiment with rats in a four armed maze. This gave the behaviorist approach great difficulty. The experiment showed that the rats used a cognitive map of the maze. "
19."___ creates and controls mental functions such as perception, attention, memory, emotions, language, deciding, thinking and reasoning. "
20.cognition involves ___

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