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Competent To Stand Trial

  5 6 7  
13 14                      

4.You are this person in the judicial process.
8.You admit to the charge.
9.You are not saying you are guilty of the crime, but you are not going to fight the charge.
10.He/She is in charge of the courtroom, decides the verdict, does the sentencing and is neutral.
11.The Defense and District Attorney both want to win the case, but only one side will win.
12.Your lawyer makes a deal with the District Attorney, you plead guilty to a lesser crime for lesser time or receive other favorable conditions, and you give up the right to a trial and the right to appeal.
13.A trial where the judge decides if you are guilty, not guilty or not guilty by reason of insanity.
15.This lawyer tries to prove you committed the crime and find you guilty, they are against the defendant and on the side of the state.
16.The decision of whether you are not guilty, guilty or not guilty by reason of insanity (NGRI).
17.The punishment given by the judge if you are found guilty.
18.A group of people (6 for misdemeanor or 12 for Felony) who listen to the evidence and reach a verdict.
1.You did not know the difference between right and wrong at the time of the crime because you were mentally ill.
2.A person who has information about your case and gives testimony in court that can be used for or against your case.
3.You do not admit to the charge.
5.Opposing legal team will attempt to discredit the witness when testifying events of the case.
6.When a person is found guilty of a crime and allowed to serve the sentence at home, but they must follow rules like not hanging out with other felons, drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs and cannot possess weapons.
7.This lawyer is appointed to defend and help the defendant, tries to get the least amount of time and a fair trial.
14.Anything in court that can give information about your case like fingerprints, knife, video, and witnesses.

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