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Formulas that stabilize & bind; calm spirit

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3.sang piao xiao san is contraindicated in ______________ ___________ and damp heat incontinence. (2 Words)
4.Jiao shu de's "fetus safe guarding pill." Which promotes fetal intelligence and robustness and smooth labor (3 Words)
5.A colleague brings his youngest child in to see you. The child is now five and was premature, spending several months in the hospital at birth. The child is aware that he needs to urinate but either cannot stop it or make it to the bathroom in time. There is also spermatorrhea, forgetfulness and general disorientation. T: pale with white coat. P: thin slow frail. (4 Words)
7.shou tai wan is unsuitable for threatened ____________ due to heat or stagnation
8.si shen wan is contraindicated in stomach and intestine ______________,
9.Excess heat above and yin deficiency below: irritability with heat in the chest, insomnia, palpiations with anxiety. T: red with dry yellow coat.. P: thin rapid. There may be sores on mouth or tongue (5 Words)
12.jiao tai wan contains two herbals: _____________ ________ and _________ ___________ (4 Words)
13.contraindicated in treating profuse oily sweat associated with exhaustion of _________ AND ________. (2 Words)
15.wan dai tang is contraindicated if the discharge is dark yellow, contains blood and is thick, sticky and _________ ____________. (2 Words)
18.You are working late in your office one night when you hear a knock on your door. You look out and there is a thin man standing in front of a limo with 2 big strong looking fellows beside him. He introduces himself as Steven Tyler. Come in you say, what can I do for you. He cuts right to the chase and says, Doc, I can't concentrate for even a minute, I can't sleep and when I do I toss and turn. Lately I've been very irritable and had palpitation. I have even been anxious and that just isn;'t like me. His other symptoms include dry stools, nocturmal emissions, and forgetfulness. T: red with little coat. P: thin and rapid . While you calculate the $$$ in your head, you prepare him this formula that you tell him even the Emperor of Heaven would approve. (5 Words)
21.A visiting foreign dignitary comes to see you after hearing of your fame. He complains of diarrhea occurring as he wakes every morning with some abd pain; and a sore low back with cold limbs. he is fatigued and lethargic. He notes that he cannot digest our American diet and so he has no appetite. T: thin, white coat. P: submerged, slow and forceless. No problem you say, and after acupuncture you send him back to his consulate with this formula: ? (3 Words)
22.heat above, cold below. For severe continuous palpitations, coolness of the lower limbs and great difficulty falling asleep due to Heart and Kidney disharmony. "Guides the yang back to the source." (3 Words)
25.For the disorder formerly -- and politically incorrectly ;) -- known as "hysteria" (5 Words)
26.tain wang b u xin dan should be used with caution in those with a deficient __________ and ____________. (2 Words)
1.Shou tai wan contains 4 herbal, E Jiao and: ______ ____ ______, _______ ________ _________, & ____ ________. (8 Words)
2.chronic dysenteric disorder w/dark blood & pus in stool, abd pain better w/pressure or warmth. T: pale; P; slow & frail or fain & thin (3 Words)
6.Sorenss and distention of the low back, sensation of collapse in low abd and vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. Also dizziness, tinnitus, weak legs, freq almost incontinent urination. T: pale with white slippery coat. P:submerged frail at proximals (3 Words)
10.Axel comes to see you complaining of fatigue and weakness with lower back pain and tinnitus. Is there anything else you ask, and he looks embarrassed as he mumbles something that sounds like "erectile dysfunction" and "leaking down there all the time." His tongue is pale with a white coat and his pulse is thin and frail. Don't worry you tell him, and after needling Du 1 and Du 20 you send him home happy with a prescription for ____________ after a warning that he must abstain from sexual intercourse and hot spicy foods while on the formula (5 Words)
11.use suan zao ren with caution in those with _________ ___________. (2 Words)
14.ding zhi wan should be used only with modifications in those with deficiency of ____________ or ________. (2 Words)
16.irritability, insomnia, palpitations, night sweats, dizziness and vertigo, dry throat and mouth. T: dry. P: wiry or thin and rapid. Looks like blood def with def heat (4 Words)
17.The Joker comes to your office at closing time. His goons threaten you at gun point if you don't cure him and fast. He Joker say with a nervous laugh "Doc, I am alway apprehensive! I think someone is after me! I jump at my own shadow and I keep forgetting my own diabolical plans!" Feeling a little nervous yourself you treat him with acupuncture while he giggles and laughs the entire treatmment. You send him home with this formula ________ __________ ___________. As they leave, the two goons glare at you and mutter something that ends with ":...or else!" (3 Words)
19.Treats spontaneous sweating worse at night, palpitations, easily startled, short of breath, irritable, gneral debility, letharty. T: pale red, P: thin frail (3 Words)
20.Gan mai da zao tang contains 3 herbs: gan _____, _______ mail, & da ________. (3 Words)
23.profuse vaginal discharge that is white or pale yellow, thin and no realy strong or bad smell, and is usually continuous. Also fatigue, llethargy, shiny pale complexion, loose stools. T: pale with a white coat. P: soggy and frail or moderate (3 Words)
24.tao hua tang is contraindicated in dystentery due to ________ __________. (2 Words)

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