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Scholastic Bowl

Cameron Dingerson

1 2     3 4 5
7   8         9            
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      14 15                        
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32       33             34      

2.This 38th president of the United States was the only president who was actually never elected
8.This flowery substance is regularly found in gloves
9.This astrophysicist from Cambridge University was diagnosed with ALS and is wheelchair-bound
10.This Greek mathematician constructed a way (a squared plus b squared equals c squared) to measure a right triangle's hypotenuse
12.This word is the name for when the astronomical event when three or more celestial objects are in alignment
15.This state was the first to abolish slavery and contains the first established university, Harvard
16.This classical composer was diagnosed deaf and composed Moonlight Sonata and Fur Elise
18.Along with Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins, who walked on the moon in 1969?>
19.How many years separate the Summer Olympics?
20.An antonym with 'crescendo' this musical term means slightly decreasing in volume
25.This king had a namesake code that declared such rules as an "eye for an eye"
27.This nine-letter word describes the steps in going along a path. Like serfs and kings in the feudal system and domains and phyla in the animal classification system
28.This five-letter term is the name of intentionally using fire to cause destruction or crimes of any sort
30.Separated by the Ural Mountains, what country is divided into Europe and Asia
31.Established in the 1940s, this amendment to the US Constitution declares the length of presidential terms
32.This three-letter acronym stands for "For Your Information"
33.Sparking much conspiracy, this 35th president was shot three times killing him and wounding Governor Connally of Texas, who was this president who administered the Bay of Pigs
34.This unit of standard measurement is equal to 5,280 feet
1.This was the first name of ______ Baggins, the Hobbit that discovered the ring, forged by Sauron in Mount Doom, that could turn him invisible
3.Robert _______ Jr. portrayed Iron Man in the movie Iron Man, the disappointing Iron Man 2. and Iron Man 3
4.Where is the town of Ulan Bator and the country of Mongolia found
5.This cosmological principle is what scientists think happened during the beginning of the universe (3 Words)
6.This legendary sword is the blade that gives you the right to rule England
7.What does the K stand for in JK Rowling
10.This substance is a well-known allergen and is found in flowers and needed by bees
11.Oppenheimer, Fermi, and the rest of the Manhattan Project contributed to the construction of this that the US dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (2 Words)
13.These building blocks were used to construct a replica of Chicago's Willis Tower
14.This word is synonymous with problem or predicament
17.This breath-freshening snack is a homonym of where the U.S. money is printed
21.This soda claims to contain 23 different flavors and was made in 1885 (2 Words)
22.Born in 1419, this French woman who served in the Hundred Years' War was committed of adultery and hanged (3 Words)
23.Orson ____ was a radio announcer that pretended the Earth was being invaded by Martians and wrote 1984
24.This French dictator was born in Corsica, exiled to Elba and St. Helena, and was defeated at Waterloo
26.If 2x = y and y = 100-40, what is the value of x?
29.This man, James Earl ____________, is famous for voicing Darth Vader in Star Wars IV, V, and VI, and is also the person who says "THIS IS CNN"

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