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Diagraphs and Triagraphs 2


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1.The little girl liked to spl______ in the puddles after a rain storm.
3.Another name for a small bush is a shr____.
5.The tortoise is an animal that is very sl_______.
7.Another name for the prawn, is shr______.
9.I enjoy my garden. My favourite fl______ is the rose.
10.Last summer my brother spr_______ me with a hose, and i got angry.
11.The man had big muscles and he looked very str_______.
12.John wanted to thr____ the boomerang, to see it it would return.
13.It is very rude to sp_____ on the pavement.
14.The ball had a number thr____ printed on it.
20.After the song ended, the people began to cl___ their hands.
21.I dropped my pencil, and it broke. A spr____ popped out and flew across the room.
22.The beautiful woman had long blonde hair, and bright bl____ eyes.
24.I looked at the cl______ on the wall. I was late for dinner.
25.As he looked for a place to park, the man drove his car down the str______.
26.I didn't know the answer to the question, so i shr_______ my shoulders.
2.The zebra had black and white str______.
3.Be care ful, the floor is wet. You might sl______ and fall.
4.The little girl had bl_____ hair. It looked like gold in the sunlight.
5.As a plant begins to grow, it is called a spr_____.
6.My friend looked shorter. I asked him if he had begun to sh_____, or was i growing taller.
8.The arrow went thr_____ the ring.
9.Superman is a hero, who can fl__ like a bird.
11.The child waved at his mother, as he slid down the sl______.
15.As she made breakfast, Mary put the eggs in the bowl and began to scr______ them.
16.During the football game, many people looked up to watch the long, silver bl____ fly over their heads..
17.The dog was white with black sp______. It was a dalmation.
18.Everyone was surprised when the gymnist did the spl_______.
19.As i watched the winter clouds, a snow fl____ landed on my hand.
23.He was funny, with his bright clothes and make up, but many children were still afraid of the cl_______.

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