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DNA RNA Protein Synthesis

1 2 3
  4           5 6      
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4.RNA is made using the nitrogen-containing base
6.Carries the genetic information from the nucleus to the cytoplasm
7.Her Xray photographs helped to show that DNA is a double helix
10.Shaped like a globe; Makes ribosomes
11.DNA contains the sugar______________
12.DNA makes a strand of RNA that is _____ to the base sequence of DNA.
14.DNA replication occurs during this phase
15.DNA contains the base ______________
16.Pairs with thymine in DNA
17.Transports the amino acids to the ribosomes
1.Scientists that solved the structure of DNA
2.Where transcription occurs in the cell
3.Also called protein synthesis; cell uses information from mRNA to make proteins
5.Pairs with cytosine in DNA
7.RNA contains the sugar ________________
8.The process of making RNA from DNA
9.Where translation occurs in the cell
13.Change in the sequence of DNA

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