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BY the best person in the world OSKAR

1 2
  3         4            
    5   6
7   8             9
10           11
14                         15   16          
18 19      
20   21        

3.Where is bile stored?
5.Have all cells a nucleus?
7.Getting energy from food is called__________
12.What is TMV?
14.How do you spell photosynthesis?
16.What are Homo sapiens?
17.How long have scientists known that animals and plants are made from cells?
22.What do you use to test for starch?
24.The colon and rectum make up the____________?
25.What in patches help people stop smoking?
26.If a cell is dead what is it?
1.Where is the bile made?
2.What is the main ingredient if you are going to make a bone?
4.What do you use to test for glucose?
6.What does the stomach wall secrete?
8.What is mucus?
9.What is the start of the gullet called?
10.Do capilaries carry blood to the heart?
11.How many different organelles have plant cells got?
13.The heart is a large ________?
15.The duodenum and ileum make up the_______________?
18.What is the fungi cell wall made out of?
19.what is the oesophagus?
20.The study of living things is___________?
21.cell walls are made out of__________?
23.Is the cell wall dead?

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