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chapter 4 vocab puzzle

taye clark

crust, bedrock, outcrop, soil, organic matter, minerals, physical properties, hardness, luster, cleavage, color, chemical properties, rocks, igneous rocks, magma

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3.hardness, luster, cleavage and color
6.melted rock when underground
7.is the solid portion of the crust
9.is a mineral's tendency to break along smooth, flat surfaces
10.natural stony materials composed of one or more minerals
11.naturally occuring solid substances made of inorganic material
12.is a mixture of small rock fragments and organic matter
13.refers to how a mineral looks when it reflects light
14.bedrock that becomes exposed at earth"s surface
1.are how minerals react with an acid
2.materials produced by living things
4.reliable guide to a mineral's identity
5.are produced by the cooling and hardening of hot liquid rock
8.is the resistance of a material to being scratched
15.Earth's rocky outer layer

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