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Chapter I-The Constitution and Criminal Law

Fashawna Peoples

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1.Amendent of the Constitution that provides for indictment by grand jury for a capital or "otherwise infamous crime" prevents double jeopardy or being tried for the same crime twice by the same sovereign.
4.Provides for comity (Mutual courtesy) between states.
6.Constitution conferring jurisdiction upon the federal govermant to prosecute crimes when the alleged criminal activity substantially affects interstate commerce.
7.Dual sovereignty of the federal and state goverment.
8.The taking and selling of criminally tainted private property for the benefit of the U.S. Treasury and local enforcement agencies that particiapted in the seizure of the assets.
9.A guiding precept the restrains and limits the power Congress delegates to the Executive or Judicial branches to carry out goverment functions.
10.The statement in the Constitution that forbids the three branches of goverment to share power.
11.Simultaneous ferderal and state power to hear a case.
12.The protection that individuals enjoy from govermental interferance with fundamental liberties such as contraception, procreation and marriage.
13.Notice from the goverment to citizens that there is a complaint against them and that the citizens will have the oppportunity to in court to defend against the complaint.
14.The means used by the goverment to achieve the ends of legitimate goverment interest to protect public health, safety, amd welfare.
15.A concept embodied by the Fourteenth Amendent that mandates equal treatment for all under the law.
2.Gives Congress broad authoirty to make all laws that are "Necessary and Proper" for carrying out its goverment functions.
3.The power that the U.S. Supreme Court granted to itself to invalidate an act of the Excutive and Legislative Branches.
5.Amendment to the Constitution which states that all powers that the Constitution does not grant the federal goverment, if not prohibited by the Constitution, are left to the states.

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